The AAISC is support structure of the APP (Personalized Pedagogy Workshop) which implements a pedagogical approach adapted to each person in demand for training (employees, jobseekers) to facilitate his learning and develop his autonomy (until obtaining the training certificate).

    Adress-Phone-Mail-AAISC schedules

    The label APP is a reference quality recognized by all the financiers.

    A place where form, at any time, near the place of residence or near the workplace for:

    To adapt itself to a new job or to new tasks, move, to develop his(her,its) skills, to get ready for an entrance to training quali? Ante, in a competition skill or a professional examination, to prepare a competitive entrance examination or of entrance to training, to validate a test within the framework of the VAE.

    The organization of the APP:

    Individualized welcome, flexibility of schedules, personalized route, educational contract light, adapted support.

    The proposed trainings are practicable all year round in entrances and permanent exits.