• AAISC travellers

    Since 2006, in the Department of Charente, THE AAISC has been accompanying Travellers in their social and professional integration.

    To help them, a social and occupational councillor intervenes in Barbezieux, in Chalais and in Saint-Séverin giving individual interviews and group activities on subjects such as health, accommodation, schooling, employment, budgeting, administrative management, citizenship, family, culture etc....

    With this project the AAISC aims to help people regain their autonomy.

    Methods of learning and of personal organization are developped.
    Below, you will find an interview of Micheline, an example of a game, an interview of M Francis GROUX and a testimony on the origin of family names.

    Differents photography about our events:

    Workshop cooks in

    Gilles,the primary school teacher at the travellers

    The dress in Molines
    Fetch some water in Molines

    Memory of evening "In the course of the tale"

    Michto, A beautiful tale associated with our memories of this wonderful evening:

    A journey in Tsiganie, a journey at our home...

    The present moment is the most beautiful divisions.

    Tomorrow is the softest promises.

    The faiths and the supernatural mix.

    The family is our country.

    Love is our way.

    "C'est Michto like this."

    "It's fine like this."

    "Sas kan sas, te navino, Nas tavel, normas sarsas, motsolpé"

    "It was when it was, if it had not been, it would not have existed, but it says itself..."